Our offer includes

Property analysis with report (delta analysis)

Use of renewable energies (possible and usable sources)

Clarification of possible subsidies for remedial measures

Energy efficiency and the resulting savings from energy cost reduction

Assistance in obtaining a Cantonal building energy certificate (GEAK)

Energy-efficient renovation or new construction

Clarification of Cantonal energy regulations

Satisfied customers and clients are of course a key part of our daily business.

Established and strong companies are gaining ever more importance through specialisation and clear directives. With Swiss Engineering AG, you follow a targeted approach, setting yourself apart from the competition and securing the resulting competitive advantages. Considering individual needs, we offer customers the opportunity to identify themselves thanks to professional support and a wide range of services. Satisfied customers and clients are of course  a key part of our daily business.

At Swiss Engineering AG, quality enjoys the highest priority and constitutes an integral part of our working processes. Our company is actively involved in the development and promotion of energy provision and services through innovation. Thanks to the many years of experience and training gained by our employees and our cooperation with a wide range of partners we have been able to consolidate our position in this field. Our employees have excellent specialist knowledge from which you are welcome to benefit.

Continuous professional training keeps us constantly up to date with the new Energy Strategy 2050 of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and the beginnings of the 2000-watt society. We are committed to these developments through energy consulting and engineering services in the field of HVACS with focusing on renewable energies and increasing energy efficiency, which will become indispensable if nuclear energy is phased out.

As energy consultants we can show you where most of the energy in your property is consumed or lost. As a measure, various proposals are worked out, wether it be a specific case of window replacement, a facade renovation or even the replacement of your building technology equipment (heat generator).

A comprehensive and timely energy study carried out by a professional Consultatant provides valuable money saving information about possible defieciencies. This is why proper consultation should precede any energy-related renovation project.