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Luis Baeni

Luis Baeni

Business Economist & Member of the Executive Board

Dipl. Business Economist FH

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What makes Swiss Engineering different is the open minded approach to the discipline of team work to integrate the complex variables involved in any type of construction or refurbishment project into a coherent working process.

Company history

our experience

Swiss Engineering is the result of an accumulative experience stretching back through the careers of not only the current members but also of the fruits and experiences of other companies and their Teams in the Planning and construction industry, stretching back as far back the seventies .

our development

The evolution of our integrated approach to the challenges of planning and building are the result of integrating the experiences of many individual minds and Companies combined with a deep understanding of the customers needs and difficulties.

philosophy of the company

Cooperation is our Motto and philosophy, which permits us to work harmoniously in a demanding multidisciplinary environment with many partners to produce the effective results for a client.

our mission

Our mission is to deliver and integrated approach to solving the complexities of the separate planning disciplines in the Construction Industry to provide quality, efficiency, and time saving to our clients working on projects both small and large.